Green Lotus is a French/Burmese NGO dedicated to promote sustainable development in Asia. Since 2003, Green Lotus works in convincing politics, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and enterprises that green economy can provide property for all, instead of growth for few. After 10 years of advancing and networking among Asian civil society organizations, Green Lotus opened its first office abroad in July 2013, in Yangon (Myanmar). Green Lotus strongly believes that there is room for experiencing in Myanmar a genuine green way, and avoid neighbors’ mistakes. As Myanmar is facing many challenges, Green Lotus is now convinced that both laws and investments can be oriented towards sustainable options.

Our values

In Green Lotus, we have strong values that we proudly want to promote in our daily actions.

A meeting with Ward 67 community
  • We believe in empowering Myanmar people: we work with communities and allow them to become actors of change.
  • We believe in eco-friendly behaviors: we adapt our actions to the environmental transition. To sustain our activities, we think green!
  • We believe in Social and Green development in promoting sustainable business atlernatives and fair market.
  • We believe in the power of advocacy: We create links between green stakeholders to influence partenerships and collective initiatives

If you believe in them too, we would be very happy to include in our engagement for Myanmar green future !

Our actions

Bawa Pann Daing

Bawa Pann Daing is a 3 years pilot project led by a consortium of NGOs; Green Lotus Myanmar and Actionaid Myanmar which is solely funded by the French agency AFD (Agence Française de Développement). With the support of local authorities such as Yangon City Development Committee, Yangon Regional Government and Ministry of Construction, the project is implemented in Ward67, Dagon Seikkan Township in Yangon. The project goal is the resilience and empowerment of the people and to bring this innovative project as an example for the creation of future similar projects in Asia. Its approach aims to help dwellers to become leaders of their own empowerment thanks to a bottom-up strategy and a participatory approach.

Learn more about the project here

Our support

Our partner

Green power in Shan State

Green Lotus is supporting the development of floating hydro (mostly from a french company, Hydroquest) on Myanmar rivers. This solution has no social or environmental impact, and is producing medium-voltage electricity for local people. The 1st project, of 8 MW, is planned near Tarsang Bridge on Salween river, in south Shan State.

An example of hydrokinetic turbine in Orléans (France)

Learn more about the project here