Who we are

Green Lotus is a French/Myanmar Think and Do Tank dedicated to promote sustainable development in Asia.

Since 2003, Green Lotus works in convincing politics, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and business that green economy can provide prosperity for all, instead of growth for few.

After 10 years of lobbying about green issues in Asia, Green Lotus opened its first office in July 2013, in Yangon (Myanmar).

Green Lotus strongly believes that there is room to experiment in Myanmar a genuine green way of development, and avoid neighbors’ mistakes.

As Myanmar is facing many challenges, Green Lotus is now convinced that both laws and investments can be oriented towards sustainable options.

This is the challenge we have chosen: in networking, advocating, and building concrete green projects in renewable energy, organic farming, eco-tourism, public transportation or green cities.

Making Myanmar the Greenest country in the world, such is our motto!