U Aung Myint (REAM) interview for 7 Day Daily

U Aung Myint
*Caption: U Aung Myint in a Workshop scene*
U Aung Myint is a National Energy Management Committee (NEMC) member in present who has already participated in making Energy Policy Draft making in President U Thein Sein Period. He also participated in the Environmental Conservation Law drawing. He encourages generating Green Energy. He objects to Climate Change causing Non-clean Energy Electricity Power Generating Functions. For Energy Requirement in Myanmar, National Level Energy Policy, and Government’s Functions on Coal Plant Electricity Power Works driving to Natural Environment Pollution that was aimed in order to extend than before was interviewed by the 7 Day news journal to U Aung Myint as follows:

As you also involved in Myanmar Energy Policy Draft drawing, how is your view on Annual Estimation of Energy Requirement by the Government?
If you are really going to estimate something, you need on ground data of REAL LIFE in time. The estimation they made was only calculated on 30% EP delivery done in Myanmar lack of what People Grassroots really survive by self-hood, i.e., self-reliance, its current situation, and capability status People work nowadays were omitted, so that is the point, the big weakness.

Then how impact could be tailed to such big weakness?
Potential Impacts to be tailed may be events that happen today in Thailand Mekong Region due to its non-cohesion with practical true life with the aimed Energy Requirement. Over-estimation rather than in need of Energy Requirement were made, much money use-easy that drives to Loan-taking but real in need is not as its estimation; this gap would lead to have Loss that People are going to suffer from Debt Crisis. Therefore observation detail is essential. We could better watch in practice than words play. There also Government said what happening in Thailand; if Energy Requirement estimations and decisions were not in accord with Live practice, implementation would delay; and debt possible. Who will pay for the debt? People. That may become a little worry full condition.

Besides Money Loss what else may result from EP Over-estimation. Any other Backlash?

Generating EP and Power Supply, every function we do, has direct relationship with natural environment because the main culprit of today Hot Issue Global Warming is ENERGY. To get Energy, Coal Power Plant EP Supply gives environment extreme impacts and Big Hydro Power too. Over-exploitation damaged nature dreadfully in terrible Backlash that make Globe warm driving Climate Changes. So each and every Strategic Function needs to be well-cared with wise consideration. Environment would be affected horribly in practice, so that every energy-related Development Works should be estimated situations well in advance by thoughtful considerations to be efficient and to be effective in detail observations.

Is there any International Loan Government taken for EP Generating and Delivery?
Loans a lot; there was US$ 60 million Loan for Gridlines and System Repair last year and Parliament approved; US$ 400 million for EP Development from World Bank and approved too; US$ 310 million for Generating EP and 90 million for Gridline Repair Application said the news. What I am afraid is though Loans were with no interest rate but there are inflation. It is important to implement Projects for borrow-effective otherwise People would become Loan Loaded Public-in –Burden.

UNFCC worked their countries’ Carbon Reduction Report this year. We Myanmar Department of Environmental Conservation already sent the Report too that Carbon Emission Reduction to do in Energy Sector was mentioned. If so Coal Power Plant, the Pollutant to Environment to extend more mentioned in Government Policy, both statements do not cohesive, so what, your opinion?

The Department of Environmental Conservation has drawn Projects to mitigate Climate Change and they are very good. But one thing; not adequate enough to implement the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry solo. All Ministries to involve, the co-work is needy. How it could be done in practice is missing. Every Government Departments need to work together united.

As Parliament confirmed to generate EP more from Coal, so what would you like to send a message to current nationwide won NLD-led Government?
That is, *Government Whosoever May Be, To COMPREHEND the “Scientific Real Life” Situation Is NEEDY. There are today Renewable Energy Domestic Users self-applied. How would they be encouraged? Which one to substitute instead of Coal Exploitation? It is really so fearful. As Energy is in need, real Strategic Plan Projects to draw is required but in proper comprehension needy. What other nation happening to watch and observe carefully is needed. *

NLD Election Declaration was mentioned Economic Development. For this purpose, Energy is needed. What will we do to be the least of Environmental Impact when Energy is generated?
For Economic Development, it is certain Energy needy but Myanmar needs Energy to People’s demand. It is neither possible to give it very much EP size in advance nor the lessened to do. There is Centralized Control System in present, so that Public involved, i.e., the Decentralized to reform is needed. Energy kinds such as Wind, Solar, Hydro, etc. to categorize are needed. Moreover Energy Loss, Energy Efficiency should be more carefully conducted rather than Energy Estimation made more amount than it what really in need. Both technically and strategically we have to do seriously.

Is there any false Energy Policy defined in current President’s Period? If so, which ones pls.
Look at the outcomes and you can see rather than saying true or false mainly. Myanmar is the Lowest Electricity Power Application Country and the Least EP Supply nation in Southeast Asia. This fact was pretty stuck for so many years long. Though time was taken already, not change able yet was responsibility taken was in control. Not available to provide Technology, Capital Fund for investment for People need. Procedure, Laws, Rules and Regulations implementation were weak. Rural Lighting Law, Small Power Producer Law, etc. are still weakened and not well-clarified that result step forward-hard.

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