Preserving nature and land rights

On Saturday 4th of October, Members of “Investing in Natural capital”s committee exchanged views about two central topics in Myanmar: biodiversity’s preservation and Land rights.

In the morning, Dr Saw Mon Theint (alias “Dimple”) explained a case study leaded by her NGO, BANCA (Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association), in Mon State, of Spoon-Billed Sandpiper’s protection. The occasion to understand how the main causes (illegal hunting of the birds and fishing of their food) take their roots into economic needs. Consequently, solutions have to integrate alternative “businesses” for hunters and fishermen, and one project on tracks is an “eco tourist” site, with birdwatching tours. Trainings of local inhabitants alteady started…

Discussion table GGP1

The afternoon’s session was a great opportunity for the small group to have a deep discussion on Land grabbing in Myanmar. Stakes were presented by Land Core Group’s Chairman, U Shwe Tein, who’s been advocacying on the topic for years. Members of the Committee all agreed during the first session that the topic had to be on the table before moving on to sustainable agriculture solutions… New laws, and more importantly better law enforcement appear to be key solutions for this complex but core issue.

Presentations and sumarries from the session will be available shortly.