Myanmar youth’s commitment towards organic agriculture


27 Years-old Ei Khin Khin is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who started a business a few months ago to sellorganic farming products to Yangon’s population.

For 4 months, Myanma Mya Myay (in English, Myanmar Emerald Land) proposed organic products to several hotels and restaurant as well as to individuals of Myanmar’s economic capital, Yangon. Ei Khin Khin is assisted in her enterprise by 2 of her close friends as well as by 2 young workers to help her in delivering and collecting products at the bus station.

Originated from Yangon, Ei Khin Khin studied at the Yangon Institute for Economics, where she got her Master in Public Administration. Before starting her own business, she entered the Young GMS professional program at the Mekong Institute, in Khon Kaen, Thailand, followed by a position as Project Assistant under Trade and Investment Facilitation Department of Mekong Institute.

She explains her wish to run a company selling organic products by her commitment toward Myanmar. “Myanmar is changing and important decisions have to be made. So, I would like to contribute to this change by offering my people good products coming from organic farms”. She underlines the fact that there is no efficient health insurance and that it is difficult to cure disease related to Myanmar’s people lifestyle like diabetes or cancer in Myanmar, making it even more important that the people are provided with healthy food and products.

Full of energy, she does not refrain herself to value the work of the farmers she is working with. Organic Farming is, to her, really important not only because it allows people to eat better quality products, but also because it is also interesting for the farmers and the environment. The farmers got a better pay, and are given the tools to finally protect what they cherish: their land.11005526_10206281055971191_218667530_n

However, it is difficult for Myanmar people to develop businesses in the country. After 4 month, her company is not totally auto-sufficient. But Ei Khin Khin continues her work; trying to connect with new restaurants to propose the products of the farmers she is working with. Slowly, more and more people are aware of her initiatives, but still in general, Myanmar people are not yet interested in organic products. Also, it is difficult to be provided with organic products when the farms are far away. Sometimes, Ei Khin Khin spend hours at Aung Mingala Bus Station waiting for the bus and picking up the products sent by the farmers. Ei Khin Khin is not the only one to suffer from the lack of infrastructure to develop businesses. Many more other private initiative willing to sells organic products are facing the same difficulty.

In a good English she is happy to say she learnt by herself through movies and music, her advise to Yangon’s and Myanmar’s youth is that they should take any opportunities coming to them, to improve their English and to continue developing innovative ideas and initiatives. Ei Khin Khin illustrates very much the will of Myanmar’s youth. She could not afford Private Schools to learn English, so she found a way to learn by herself. She cannot yet afford to have proper income, so she is gathering with friends to share an apartment and make it as an office.

When Ei Khin Khin contacted Green Lotus, she wanted to participate to the process implemented within the Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth. Despite her busy agenda, she was willing to spend one day a month gathering with Myanmar’s society representative to improve organic agriculture in the country or to promote ecotourism and to make recommendation to the government on the strategy to adopt to foster Green Growth.

Today, Ei Khin Khin has started delivering more and more “baskets” to private consumers from several townships of Yangon. Please, find below the contact of Ei Khin Khin and her company, and if you do like organic foods, do not hesitate to order from her.

Myanma Mya Myay Co. Ltd.


P: +95 9 444 034 301/ 95 9 798 879 631.

Concerning to door to door delivery, they can only provide within Kamaryut, Bahan, Yankin, South Okkpalapa, Dagon, Sanchaung, Kyauktada, La Thar, Alone, Botahtaung, Mingalartaung Nyunt and Tamwe Townships. Minimum purchases have to be 20 USD or 20,000 Myanmar Kyats.

Deliveries are on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Editor’s note: If you are a young and dynamic entrepreneur working on the organic sector, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will try our best to let people aware of your initiatives.