Myanmar delegates coming to France and UK to learn more about European green technologies

Green Lotus is proud to announce that, within the “Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on GreenGrowth”, and thanks to the support of their sponsors (UK Embassy in Myanmar, French Embassy in Myanmar and Paris Region Council), a delegation of 11 Myanmar decision makers will come to France and UK for a long week, from 30 November to 7 December 2014.

The heart of the visit is the Pollutec International Exhibition, main European fair on eco activities, where every single green technology is demonstrated (renewable energy, waste management, water treatment, sustainable city solutions, etc.), where all companies and institutions interested in sustainable development attend and where Myanmar delegates will find inspiration or concrete partnerships for their country’s future.

Each of those VIPs holds strategic position and can be an efficient advocate for green growth, as well as an ambitious “bridge builder” between Europe and Myanmar.

And Pollutec will not be the only stop of the journey. In Paris and in London, the delegation will meet with key institutional decision makers and visit showcases of European’s green technology.

Click here to access to the detailed program of the delegation: MYANMAR DELEGATION Pollutec – program summary

Click here to access to the list of members of the delegation: Pollutec – Myanmar delegation list

Since Green Lotus has settled in Myanmar, in July 2013, its conviction that the country can still become an example of sustainable development remains deep rooted, as the multiple stakeholders involved in the Green Growth Platform demonstrate some interest, some will, some concrete determination for making Myanmar a “green country”. This visit in Europe shall be another step towards this sustainable path…