Ciel et Terre

Green Lotus recently exchanged views with “Ciel & Terre”, a French company specialized in floating solar technology.

Getting all the benefits of solar, floating solar has the advantage of avoiding taking away large farmlands for ground-mount solar systems. Actually water areas like lakes, dams, irrigation reservoirs and water-treatment sites are usually unused. Moreover, the system conserves water by reducing evaporation, while the shading from its panels limits algae growth.

Very active in Japan, Ciel & Terre is also implementing projects all over the world. And Myanmar can be one next destination, with the help of Green Lotus and its partners.

Our team intend to visit a site in France to see how it is concretely working. Design to resist to a variety of natural conditions, the technology is also very fast to manufacture (only few weeks!).

It could be interesting to look for places in the country to implement the technology. As a large part of Myanmar is covered by water, floating solar PV would be a very smart and feasible way of contributing to the energy mix !