Linking Human Rights & Environmental Challenges in InstaGreen-Lab Citoyen Photo Contest

Sarah -1 ( 8.4 )

On Tuesday 7th of April, Green Lotus participated in the jury aiming to choose winners among the nine finalists of the InstaGreen – Lab Citoyen Photo Contest at the French Institute. Starting in march, the contestants were tasked to photograph a subject that represents the link between human rights and environmental challenges in Myanmar, and to present their work in French. The two winners now have the chance to go to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP 21) in December, for the first time.

MITV News received words from Charles Bonhomme, head of Cooperation at the France Embassy, about the results of the contest “They will get some kinds of freedom, to go in Paris to exchange with other students from everywhere in the world. But we do not see thing only as a benefits for them, it was also benefit for us. Because they will come back here and they will show to the others what they learnt, they will make presentation. It’s also their good examples so of the best what we can offer”.