Investing in Sustainable Agriculture? Yes, but how?

Green Lotus is organizing a Conference on Sunday 20th of June: “Investing in Sustainable Agriculture”.


Myanmar’s economy is predominantly agriculture based with this sector occupying over 70% of the national workforce, 36% of the GDP in 2010 and around one third of Myanmar’s exports by value.

While Myanmar’s agriculture sector has a wealth of opportunities, a number of technical, financial, organizational and regulatory constraints persist. This sector, along with the country’s economy is undergoing rapid changes; there is a need for Myanmar to gear these changes along sustainable lines. For example, a number of studies have shown that small and medium farmers with a reliable access to credit, to training, to the market and to adequate information is key for a sustainable agricultural development generating income and employment in an equitable way.

In such conditions, understanding the constraints faced by all actors of the agricultural sector, from producers to retailers and improving the linkages within the different agriculture value chains between these actors, is key to enhancing rapidly agricultural productivity and farming incomes, fostering the domestic market as well as the export market and increasing employment in other sectors by stimulating demand for transport, processing, marketing, and storage services.

By bringing together a wide range of different actors involved in the Myanmar agriculture sector and convinced of the need to make it more sustainable, this conference will aim to assess the opportunities and challenges facing the sector today and how it could best evolve in the future.