Green Lotus to support and participate in the 4th Green Economy Green Growth Forum

The Green Economy Green Growth Association (GEGG) organized its 4th forum in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay from the 3rd of February to the 6th. Entitled « Expanding Cooperation and Deepening Integration – For Sustainable Natural Resources, Social & Economic Development », the 4th GEGG forum aims at providing a professional and objective process to increase awareness on critical determinant for promoting and accelerating green growth and sustainable development policies. Green Lotus have been partnering with GEGG to organize this event.

Green growth in Myanmar, an issue widely discussed by government officials and administrations

U Thein Sein, president of the Union of Myanmar, gave an opening address to the participants, mostly government officials or public administration officers, showing the interest of Myanmar government toward green growth: “We need to drastically improve the efficiency of using natural capital, and our economies need to become ecologically efficient. In order to do so, Green Growth approach is a new policy focus which is to achieve real progress towards sustainable development and poverty reduction”.

During 6 days, the participants have been able to have an overview of the issues related to several topics, among them green productivity improvement, green, resilient, smart built systems, responsible and sustainable tourism… Renowned experts coming from several part of the world have had the opportunity to present their view and propose solutions to greener Myanmar growth.

GEGG Association is a close partner of Green Lotus and renamed actor in the field of Green Growth in Myanmar. Early 2014, the GEGG Association, in cooperation with the ministry of Science and Technology, opened its Centre of Excellence for Greening (CoE-G) in Yangon. GEGG is also hosting the ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE).

Green Lotus’s roundtable in Mandalay gathered specialists on green cities main topics

In the mark of its missions and its competencies, Green Lotus has been asked to organize a roundtable during this event. In Mandalay, Green Lotus team addressed GEGG forum participants with a talk on “Greening Cities; Now and future for Habitability, Safety and Sustainability”. Mrs Sarah Colenbrander (University of Leeds), Mr Gary Moys (Safege), Mrs Michiko Ito (IOM) and Mr Jean-Marc Brûlé (GL’s co-founder, elected from Paris Region Parliament) presented some relevant issues related to Sustainable Cities that are migration, urban transports, water and waste treatment, and low-carbon measures in energy.

“I’m sure the discussions and recommendations from this forum are feasible, realistic and appropriate for the economic development of Myanmar”

The closing speeches have been leaded by U Nay Htun, GEGG founder and honourable patron, to emphasize on several topics highlighted during the roundtables “education, trainings and capacity building is a major topic for Myanmar to follow on”, as well as the crucial need of cooperation on sustainable development.

The noticed lack of civil society representatives

If the initiative and motivation of GEGG have to been highlighted, we do not have to forget a major element: most of the participants were from public administrations, national institutions or state institutions. The Civil Society, which is very active to pushing toward a greening of the country, has been under-represented. Their views could not be heard properly in this very official forum. This encourages Green Lotus in its activity of networking and linking with Myanmar’s CSOs in order to empower them and to give them a chance to be heard at the highest-level possible.