Green Lotus talks about world organic market at MOAG Ceremony

The Myanmar Organic Agriculture Group (MOAG) organized, on December 6th, a ceremony at Tan Win Garden Hotel where attended around 200 people. Several Myanmar’s farmers have been rewarded with Organic Agriculture’s Certification in front of medias, specialists, government officials and other key-actors.

As a specialist of Organic Agriculture, Green Lotus has been invited to make a speech on the description as well as the developing conditions of the world organic market. It was the occasion for Mr Yves Marry, Green Lotus’ Head of Mission, to insist on the future development of this market and its substantial potential for Myanmar. The world organic market has known, for the past 30 years, an incredible growth. And the future seems to be as good as the past with a potential growth worldwide expected at 20% for the year 2014.

Not only the Organic Agriculture is good for local farmers. It is also a good opportunity for the populations to have safe food and traceability, for the economy to develop in a sustainable way and for the country to preserve its unique and un-valuable environment. Myanmar Organic Agricultural actors have already developed a high sense of consciousness as well as a strong expertise on these issues but the lack of support from public institutions as well as international organisations limit them in their actions.

However, while the production of organic goods is approximately shared among all countries, Europe and Northern America concentrate almost all the consumption (95%). Developing countries producing organic goods export most of it. Thus, at this stage, the World Organic Market is failing to answer an international Division of Labour unfavourable to the developing countries. Export has consequences in terms of climate change (pollution from transport) and the organic production is above all some quality in the plate, which should not be available only for rich countries – in fact healthy population in rich countries.

Green Lotus advocates for a local market of Organic goods, as organic is already here but simply need certification, and because awareness is high enough to ensure a good level of internal demand.

At the end of his presentation, Yves Marry has been honoured to receive a prize from MOAG for Green Lotus’ actions in favour of Organic Agriculture and Green Growth in Myanmar.

Presentation on world organic market and conclusions for Myanmar