Green Lotus attends NLD meeting in Pyay (Bago Division), 29th June 2014

Invited by Nay Chi Win, founder of the research unit of the NLD, Green Lotus staff went to Pyay on Sunday 29th June to attend a rally organized by the democratic forces on 2008 Constitution review.
Meeeting Pye NLD
The theme at stake was the reform of the much-criticized section 436, that requires any constitutional amendment to obtain the support of more than 75 percent of the Parliament before it can be changed. As 25% of seats are reserved for the military, this article de facto makes any major amendment impossible.
Since local authorities tried to prevent the holding of the meeting, NLD leaders had to show imagination and adaptability to find another one at the last minute. Despite these difficulties, 3,000 people attended this major rally.

U Tin Oo – the “Uncle” of the NLD – and U Min Ko Naing, – from the Generation 88 -, had a great success amongst the crowd.


GL staff on the left, U Tin Oo and English student
GL staff on the left, U Tin Oo and English student


Green Lotus staff was proud to take part to this democratic moment of Myanmar.