Field visit to Hmwabi for the Green Growth Platform: Organic methods for students and Community forestry

Saturday, 13th of December 2014, Green Lotus organized a field visit for the members of the Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth (MPDGG)

24 members of the MPDGG gathered at Junction Square (Yangon) in order to reach Hmawbi for the visit of a farm school-Eco village’s initiative of Need-Myanmar (Network for Environment and Economic Development) as well as the Community Forest Department Training Centre (CFDTC).

Need-Myanmar is leading a project in Hmawbi since several years and is currently training more than 35 students to organic farming technics. Its overall objective is to promote organic farming in Myanmar. It is expected that, after going back home, the students will implement organic farming initiative and thus push toward a greener Myanmar. During the same day, in Chiang Mai’s office, 12 students got their graduation ceremony and thus will replicate organic farming experiences.

Video made by Myanmar International Channel:


The participants of the field visit have been able to discuss with the students as well as Need-Myanmar director, Kaing Dhu Wan. Students described how do the farm works and how do they learn about organic farming. It was also the occasion to learn from ground experiences and to realise what were the main issues that such initiatives are facing, such as transportation and fundings. As the members of MPDGG could realise, the school is located 30 minutes away from the main road, which make the access to the farm difficult, mainly during the raining season.

After an organic lunch provided by Need-Myanmar, MPDGG’s members traveled to CFDTC, few miles away. U Khin Maung Lwin prepared for this occasion a speech in order to inform the members on the objectives and the main actions of the centre. Then, the participants were invited to go deeper in the forest in order to meet the community. A discussion was organized with the people living in the area and lead the members to realize the importance of such initiatives. Although the action of CFDTC is geographically limited, the community living in the area underlined its importance. By taking care of the forest, the community increase its revenue while preserving an ecosystem. Also, as a training centre, CFDTC aims at replicate its action. It has to be noted that between 1990 and 2010, more than 15,000 people were trained at CFDTC and thus had the opportunity to develop such initiative in their own regions.

The field visit was a great occasion for Civil Society’s Organizations, Public administration’s agent and political parties’ members to meet up and share a common experience.

Let’s remember that the Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth is a project lead by Green Lotus that aims at producing recommendations through deep discussion within 3 committees. This field visit was organized in the mark of the first committee “Investing in Natural Capital”. However, the participant’s list was extended to all organizations within Green Lotus’ network. With this field visit, Green Lotus fulfilled its missions of creating a dialogue among Myanmar Society on Green Growth issues.