COP 21 : report of the visit of Myanmar Civil Society


Some news after COP 21 in Paris and Myanmar action

The Civil society in action

UNO has organized the Conference on Climate Change named 21st COP (Conference on Parties) in Paris from 30th November to 12nd December.

It is first time in history that Myanmar is REALLY actively taking part in a climate change Conference.

This year 2015, 14 people from different ministries (MOECAF, MOT, MOFA…) conveyed in an official delegation led by Union Minister of MOECAF, U Win Tun,

and then, numerous civil society delegates gathered as well, representing many fields: renewable energy, green policies, youth movement, indigenous people, biodiversity, organic farming, media, and so on.

Thanks to UNEP, French Embassy, and diverse few donors, Green Lotus NGO helps the presence of this delegation through invitations, through building useful appointments with institutions, politicians, NGO, medias, donors…, through discovering actions, ideas, solutions, through helping the gathering of all Myanmar nationals present in Paris as a collective Movement.

And, actually, our biggest challenge is for Myanmar to be seen as one force, to speak a collective voice. Precisely, during their stay in Paris, delegates found some time to talk to each other for the future cooperation and action for Myanmar. CSO delegates also had informal discussion with official delegate, mostly high officers of MOECAF.

But that was not enough, and there is still much to do to work as ONE.

After all these discussions, it appears that there is a strong will to built common tools of dialogue and action, to help Myanmar society debate on climate change, and to help develop new green policies, and implement green projects, especially economical ones.

Green Lotus would especially like to thank UNEP (throuh MCCA) and French Embassy through the cooperation service (SCAC) and IFB.

Green Lotus also would like to congratulate “Deutsche Welle” to have made possible the presence of four media representatives, and IPP to invite very dedicated representatives of indigenous people of Myanmar at Paris COP 21.

Here follows a list of different relevant meetings to have been organised by Green Lotus for Myanmar delegates :

Meetings organized by Green Lotus for Myanmar CSO delegates

1)Paris Regional Parliament, politicians and high-rank officers :

An occasion to talk about the evolution of cities like Yangon and Mandalay, to hear some lessons of the experience of Paris Region on how to become a green urban area, with efficient masterplanning. Also to promote possible “decentralized cooperation” partnerships between Myanmar cities and french regions in the future.

2) PLAN NGO (United State)

This is a big US NGO, actually settling down right in Myanmar, and who want to focus and social improvement, empowerment of children, combined with Climate Change adaptation policies. We should meet next time in Myanmar.

3) Info-Birmanie

The french association that has work longtime to promote Human Rights & Democracy in Myanmar, is happy to meet the first time civil society delegation of the country to come to France. They intend in the future to focus on the links between green issues and social justice, and then human rights to be protected, considering the future dramas to be caused by Climate Change.

4) SENATE (french high chamber of Parliament) :

The different topics of discussion were : green policies, green economy, possible “decentralized cooperation” partnerships between regions of France and Myanmar.

The delegates were received by several senators, including members of the France-South East Asia friendship Group.

5) “Solutions Gallery” FAIR

diverse companies and technologies

6) AFD (Pierre Arnaud Barthel)

French Aid Institution,

working on sustainable urban development


8) Action Aid


10) Michele Bonneton, President of French Myanmar Friendship Group at National Assembly

11) Visiting AlternatiBa

delegate of Myanmar CSO visited to AlternatiBa Movement,

12) Foundation Nicolas Hulot (Marion Cohen)

13) HBS (Henirich Boll Foundation)

15) French Foreign Affairs Ministry

Meeting with French Foreign Ministry representatives. Discussion about future potential green projects and challenges of Myanmar.

+ Conferences organized by Green Lotus

Green Lotus organized two conferences about Challenges and Potential of Myanmyar on green issues and green economy.

1) at the conference hall of SNCF (French Railways) on 4th of December, 2015.

2) inside COP 21, at the “Generation Climate” Area, on 10th of December, 2015.

3) + projection of the documentary about Myanmar by Jane Schinasi : “The Hope Bearers”, with the participation of : organic leader Ei Khin Khin, Win Thura, Khaing Du Wan of Need, Yin Myo Su of Inle Princess Hotel,
+ Jean-Marc Bru& the team of Green Lotus