Business and Entrepreneurship training for the women of Ward67

With the collaboration with Lutheran World Federation Myanmar, Myanmar Artisan Toolkit training was successfully delivered to the community people of Ward67 in the last three days of May, 2019. The training was mainly targeted to the women in purpose of equipping them with fundamental business skills. With the good help of a lively and fun learning environment, the attendants were able to learn the lessons while also actively participating in different team work exercises.

MAT Trainer by LWF Myanmar lively interacting with the community people

The delivery of this training is part of the “Social and Green Business development Activity” of the project. The activity aims to create a collective business within the community which will allow the people to expand their livelihood options according to their interests. Under the cooperative business plan, the project is trying to implement 3 businesses; organic composting, urban farming and handicraft & tailoring.

Thanks to the previous experience in basic finance training within the women’s group, it made it a lot easier for them to make a good participation in the training. The methodology used in the training was highly participatory, including stimulated discussions, visualized and action oriented approaches.

Team working on their assignment

Methods are designed with interactive discussion so that all participants are given the opportunity to express their opinions, to act out their feelings and to learn from others. This training was delivered by 90% of practical type and 10% of business theory; covering the topics of market assessment, branding, marketing, production to selling process and customer relations.

This training is a starting or triggering step for participants as its experience allows them to open up their mind in a systematic way of doing business by following good business practices. Taking good advantage of this experience, the community members will be able to apply their knowledge into actual practices in the near future once the cooperative business comes to life.

Presenting KT Care team to the community

In regard to the completion of MAT training, we thank the habitats of Ward67 for their commitment and active participation within three whole days. We hope they will make good use of the benefits to the fullest in their related field work. We are truly appreciated with the amazing work of LWF trainers for their outstanding expertise and professionalism.

Last but not least, we heartily give our big thanks to KT Care Foundation for their contribution for the food and learning tools for the people throughout the training period.

Proudly completing the training

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