The Eco Village Foundation: the perfect example of what can be done in Myanmar

On Sunday 28th of June, 2 Green Lotus staffs went to Hmawbi (Yangon Division, Myanmar) to visit the Eco Village founded by Khaing Dhu Wan, a great character, who achieved here the perfect example of what Green Lotus tries to promote throughout the country.

Students are coming from all over the country, bringing with them local seeds and local ecologic issues, and they learn, during 2 years of agro ecological education, how to manage it through sustainable solutions. The all location is an example, with organic fields, natural clay and wood for the infrastructures, solar panel, compost…

Solar panel - NEED farm
Solar panel – NEED farm

Not only the students learn organic methods, but they are also helped with building up micro-finance strategies in order to be autonomous when they leave. This system, that has proven its successive model in Thailand, is already working well, as almost every students from the 2012-2014 program are now in a sufficient economic situation.

Groupe pic - NEED farm
Group pic – NEED farm

A fruitful partnership between NEED (Khaing Dhu Wan’s NGO) and Green Lotus should arise at some point, and 2 jointed conferences are already on tracks…

More information on NEED’s Burma website