Our Main Actions

We work on sustainable development, environmental governance and green economy through a network of civil society, political and private sector actors.

This multi stakeholders strategy involves several types of tasks:

  • Advocacy toward political stake-holders: Members of the Parliament, Political parties, Government
  • Capacity building for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) strengthening: fundraising, writing proposals, strategic planning, budgeting
  • Pilot projects providing practical support for a sustainable development: Waste management in the city of Rangoon, WASH project in Inle Lake, Environmental education in the Irrawaddy Delta
  • Expertise on environmental issues: Analysis, conferences, workshops, trainings
  • Mapping of the “green movement”, politics, young activists, social enterprises


 Since July 2014: Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth

3 committees gather government officers, green growth experts, civil society, private sector… In each committee, 12 to 15 key stakeholders exchange views in a participative approach, in order to reach some consensus on recommendations for green growth in Myanmar.

Experts from Europe and Asia are sharing knowledge and foreign experiences on Green growth: what should be done, and what should be avoided… Some field visits will help to understand concretely the problems and the solutions.

But the Platform is not only an advocacy tool, this is also a social and green business incubator, as opportunities arise during meetings and events.

Read more in the Platform’s website