Nature conservation & Land Grabbing issues / Land Core Group colloquium

LCG together with the Mosaic Project through ISS in the Hague was organising an informal workshop – a colloquium – next week on the 26th and 27th of January, 2016, to bring together conservation groups and land groups to look at best practises for incorporating community participation in conservation programs and to begin a discussion dealing with the issue of tenure and access rights to natural resources in protected areas.

Green Lotus was invited to deliver a speech, as one of the key groups working on climate change issues in Myanmar.

Here is the agenda of the Colloquium: Colloquium – LCG and Mosaic – 26&27 January

Here is Green Lotus presentation: Climate Change Green Lotus LCG 260116

(in french/en français) un point sur le LandGrabbing en Birmanie :  Land grabbing en Birmanie

MORE on the Mosaic project here