Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth: to be launched on Saturday 12 July!

The Myanmar Platform for Dialogue on Green Growth, a long term project, will be launched at the British Ambassador’s residence in Yangon, on Saturday 12th of July.

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After 2 years of intensive networking, Green Lotus has gathered most of the relevant stakeholders concerned by green growth issues in Myanmar.

Various strong forces of the civil society (Ecodev, BANCA, FREDA, but also LRC or Gai ha hita), the private sector (Htoo Group, Shwe Taung Group, but also dynamic social business CEOs) and political institutions (including Generation 88, USDP, UDPKS, RNP and some high-level government officers) will gather monthly into three different working groups (natural resources, climate change and sustainable cities) from August 2014 to April 2015.

Those leading figures will share their views and learn from world-class experts who are eager to flow into our project. Regularly, some concrete recommendations in terms of policy making and business opportunities will be published on a dedicated website, and a “National action plan for Green growth” shall be published at the end of the process.

Thanks to the strong support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (British diplomacy), through their “South East Asia Prosperity Found”, and of the Paris Region Council (“Conseil régional d’Île-de-France“), Green Lotus will have the capacity to organize and ensure the Platform’s back office.

In the straight line of what Green Lotus has promoted since its creation, environmental problems will be debated in relation with their sustainable economic solutions, and by various parts of the society in a democratic perspective.