Myanmar local CSOs unify their voice for the COP21 and climate change awareness

On the 19th of June, major local CSOs gathered under the initiative of Green Lotus at the French Institute, Pyay Road, Yangon.

During this morning meeting, a strategy was discussed on how can the CSOs effectively create bridges and communication channel with the government in order to foster the cooperation in the field of Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and sustainable development promotion.

In the mark of the COP21 that will be organized in Paris at the end of the year 2015, the CSOs represented by their higher representatives, and under the patronage of Dr Tun Lwin, decided to mobilize and to send a delegation to COP21/Paris2015.

Hereafter is the common declaration adopted by the CSOs during the meeting:

“To the Government of the Union of Myanmar,

Climate change represents a major challenge for Myanmar as it is considered as the 2nd most threaten country in the world according to German Watch’s report. The country is highly vulnerable to extreme natural events (cyclone, flood, high temperature, drought and sea rise level) and deforestation. Climate change impacts directly Myanmar’s economic sector, mainly based on agriculture and carries social consequences with increasing tensions over natural resources, food and space.

The republic of the Union of Myanmar that ratified the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1994 and the Kyoto protocol in 2003 demonstrated his commitment on this issue. In 2012, the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) submitted two major reports to respect his engagement toward the UNFCCC: the “Initial National Communication” and the “National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) to Climate Change”.

We, Myanmar Civil Society Organization representatives working for the people to tackle environment-related issues (food security, deforestation, biodiversity, public health, water access, sustainable agriculture and clean energy access solutions) since several years and gathering for numerous meeting starting on June, 19th of the year 2015,

We, Myanmar Civil Society Organization representatives working in order to ensure a future to the next generation and to make our country a place people can call green home,

Considering that building resilience to climate change effects is a priority and that developed countries have a responsibility to provide technical and financial support,

Believing that developing countries have a special responsibility not to follow the path taken by developed countries,

Believing that the response to climate change issues consists also in choosing the best development model for the country

Having the responsibility to represent communities that are suffering the most and more largely to build up community awareness of climate change and its likely impact on their lives, livelihoods and habitats and thus feeling legitimate to express their voices,

Thinking that there is a unique opportunity to embrace a sustainable model of development based on low-carbon economic sectors, a wise utilization of natural resources and a social justice,

Understanding the high stakes of this 21st Conference Of Parties (COP21) in reaching a long-term agreement that limits the world to less than 2-degree Celsius rise in global temperature,

Acknowledging the MOECAF’ efforts to submit Myanmar’s “Intended National Determined Contributions (INDC)” before October 1st and his commitment under the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) to develop integrated Climate Change Strategy, Action Plan and policy.

Declare being prepared to assist and support in a constructive way the government in its preparation of COP21,

And hereby inform their intention to build a CSOs delegation to the “off” events of COP21 in coordination with the official Myanmar delegation.

We, Myanmar Civil Society Organization representatives are moreover suggesting that a specific focus shall be made on the following point:

  1. Form a climate change committee at the national level that focus on both mitigation and adaptation to climate change effects.
  2. Create a green national fund to support CSOs and activities related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  3. Prioritize decentralized renewable energy solutions and increase the share of renewable energy in energy development plan.
  4. Improve farmers’ technical capacity building on “climate smart agriculture”.
  5. Give priority to green public transportation over car facilities.
  6. Encourage the construction sector to promote energy efficiency and conservation in the design and construction process.
  7. Protect and conserve the biodiversity of Myanmar.
  8. Encourage community forestry management and REDD+ resilient programs.”

Endorsed by:

Dr Tun Lwin, U Aung Myint, U Soe Win Hlaing, Dr Myint Lwin, Ohnmar Khaing, Win Myo Thu, U Than Nwai, Daw Hnin Hnin Aye, Daw Saw Mon Theint, Thar Zin Oo, U Ohn, U Sit Bo, Daw Devi Thant Cin, Khaing Dhu Wan

Supported by:

Myanmar Climate Change Watch, Renewable Energy Association of Myanmar, Myanmar Forest Association, Myanmar Agro-action, Food Security Working Group, Alarm, Ecodev, Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association, Gaihahita, Myanmar Green Network, NEED

If you are willing to be part of this movement and want your organization to support the initiative, please send your name, position and the name of your organization to:

You will receive a notification as soon as your endorsement is done.

Download the declaration here.