Green Lotus shares its views on Responsible tourism

On August 22 Green Lotus attended the consultation on “Responsible tourism” organized by Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB).

SWIA MCRB tourism

In the presence of about forty representatives of international and local NGOs, companies and organizations in the tourism sector, Vicky Bowman (President of MCRB) and his team presented their Tourism Sector-Wide Impact Assessment in key areas of the country (Yangon, Bagan, Inle, Chaungtha, Mandalay among other) around several assessment social, cultural, environmental, labour, child sex tourism.

Participants were asked to share their feedback and suggestions in order to improve MCRB’ study, before final publication in late September 2014.

4 workshops gathered participants on:

  • The stakeholder engagement / ground and hotel areas;
  • Environment;
  • Working conditions / sexual / child labour and tourism;
  • Tourism and Ethnic erritories / culture

The small group discussions helped to highlight the trade priorities for the implementation of responsible tourism in Myanmar. Green Lotus has actively participated in the workshop “environment” and has shared its expertise in water and waste management, energy efficiency and promotion of eco-friendly building (natural materials, eco-lodge…).

This great initiative from MCRB is valuable work in a country where the number of tourists has doubled every year since 2012, leading to an important risk of mass tourism regardless of environmental and social impact.

Click here to access to the consultation on Impact assessment