Fertile discussions on “Investing in Natural Capital”

The core issue in Myanmar when it comes to green economy, “Investing in Natural Capital”, concluded the first round of committee meetings.

The figures are well known: 70% of the population working in agriculture, 35% of the GDP coming from the primary sector, 50% of Myanmar’ surface being covered by forests, a remarkable biodiversity… Myanmar has a fantastic natural capital, but not only it is threatened, it is also underperforming (for instance, the average agricultural income per year in Myanmar is 194 USD, to compare with 434 USD in Cambodia or 1120 USD in Philippines).

group pic

In every challenge lies an opportunity, and this is why the various stakeholders gathered on Saturday 30th of August, at Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant. Civil society, social business, academics, student leaders participated under the chairmanship of U Ohn, FREDA’s Chairman and main defender of Myanmar’s forests.

After a general discussion on the stakes behind agricultural sector, forestry, water and fisheries, in order to shape the agenda for future sessions, the Committee focused on a potentially strong economic solution: organic agriculture.

U Nyan Lin
U Nyan Lin

U Nyan Lin, CEO of Shan Maw Myae, main producer of organic fertilizer in Myanmar, made a presentation on the local situation concerning organic and its specific challenges, among them the competition on price and marketing with chemicals, the challenge of storage for small and medium farmers, the difficulty – mainly the high cost – of international label that allows to export.

The discussion was “fertile”, as few recommendations arose, as well as some concrete projects of collaboration between members of the committee. Green Lotus will ensure the follow up…!